Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Stay Little

I've been a huge fan of Sarah Jane's fabrics ever since I first saw photos of her Children at Play line but it wasn't until recently that I added the just stay little print to my stash.  While I've always thought it was an adorable print, the words "just stay little" are so a part of my life right now as I watch my littlest going way too fast from baby to toddler.  And my older girls are now 8 and 10 - how did that happen???  I mean, seriously, my oldest only has one more year left before middle school!  Crazy!  

So, when I received an invitation to a baby shower for a friend who is due with her 3rd child soon (and who also has an 8 and 10 year old), I knew this print was somehow going to make it into the gift.  I just made this simple little wall hanging to highlight this adorable fabric - framing it (log cabin style) with some prints from my stash and a little essex linen.   And, um, now I think I need to make another for this wall in my baby's toddler's room - look, there is even the perfect space just waiting for it!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Link Up

More "kind of" low-volume prints on my cutting table today.

Plum and June

The Let's Get Acquainted Link Up is over at Sew Bittersweet Designs today.  Many of you probably know Melissa from the event she hosts on her blog - A Year of Lovely Finishes.  I met Melissa last year when she joined the 2012 New Blogger Blog Hop  . . . speaking of which - the 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop is starting soon.  Click here for more information and click here to link up at Melissa's blog and share your recent posts.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop

One of the highlights of my first year of blogging was hosting the 2012 New Blogger Blog Hop. I met so many wonderful blogging friends through this hop and I learned so much. And I'm so excited to announce the 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop.

Based on last year's hop, I've made some changes for 2013 - a few more rules/guidelines that I hope will make it an enjoyable event for everyone participating.  Are you interested?  If you are a new(ish) blogger with an active blog primarily about modern quilting, email me (address in sidebar or click here) for more information.  Please note, this year's hop will be significantly shorter and as such, slots will unfortunately be limited.

The hop starts soon -- hope you'll join us!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easy Scrappy Patchwork Baby Quilt Tutorial

This baby quilt was made from both my scraps and my stash.  I tried to use mostly low-volume prints and the background solid is Kona Snow (I've been using the leftover solid from this quilt but I actually think I prefer Kona Oyster now which I used in this one.)  Note:  The measurements are based on a scant 1/4" seam throughout.

1.  Choose 16 different fabrics and cut strips measuring 3" x 18".

2.   Sew together in groups of 4.

3.  Cut into 6 - 3" strips.  Keep the strips in individual piles.

4.  Take one strip from each pile and make 5 blocks (you'll have one strip leftover in each pile - set those aside for now.)  Trim to 10.5" square.

5.  Fussy cut 4 novelty prints.  You can use any size that makes sense for the print you are using but each fabric should be somewhere between 2.5" and 5" (square or rectangle.)

6.  Your goal is to end up with a 10.5" square block with the solid fabric framing the print.  Measure your print - for this example, let's say your print is 3" square and you want it off-center.  Take a strip of solid fabric that is also 3" wide and sew a 2.5" piece to the top of the print and a 5.5" piece to the bottom.  Since you are stitching together 3 pieces of fabric, you want it to measure 1" more than your finished size to account for the seam allowances where you stitch them together - basically you add 1/2" for every place where two fabrics are stitched together.

7.  Next, you want to calculate what you need to add on either side to end up with a 10.5" block.  Still using the 3" square print as an example, you would want to add a 10.5" x 5.25" piece on one side and a
10.5 x 2.5" piece to the other.  Hope this makes sense (and that my math is right!)  Trim block to 10.5" (your block might not need to be trimmed - mine usually do since I always use a bit more fabric to be sure that I don't end up with a too-small block.)

8.  Arrange your blocks in the order shown below.  Sew together in rows of 3 and then sew the 3 rows together.  Take the leftover strips from step #4.  Take one of the strips and unpick the seam so that you have only two squares remaining.  Cut a piece of solid fabric 3" x 5.5" and sew it to the two squares.  Choose two other strips and sew together one long line of squares and sew the strip to the top of the quilt as shown below.  Use the remaining strips for the quilt back or save for another project.

9.  Quilt it, bind it, and your done!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Link Up

My scrap drawer was getting a bit overcrowded so I figured it was time to start putting those scraps to use (I guess I could have just organized them but . . .)

Plum and June

The Let's Get Acquainted Link Up is being hosted this week by the lovely Tessa from The Sewing Chick.  Click here to hear about Tessa's quilting journey and see her most recent quilt (it is beautiful!) AND to show us what you have been working on lately.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2

One of my favorite finishes of all time is this quilt I made for when my littlest (19 months) moves into a bed.  I had intended for it to be a long term project since I started it almost a year in advance but at some point I got very motivated and finished it.

Before I began blogging (in February of 2012), I didn't have much of a fabric stash.  But once I started reading and writing about quilting/sewing and sewing more as a result, I began to spend a bit too much time fabric shopping.  For some reason, I bought lots of novelty prints and those accounted for the majority of my stash.  I've since balanced it out and only buy novelty prints that I absolutely love but since I had a good number of fun fabrics, I figured I'd highlight them in the quilt.

I started by fussy cutting the prints and then bordered each of them with Kona snow (and sometimes Kona oyster or similar.)  And then I did another border using a colorful print followed by another border of snow (by this time, I bought a few yards of Kona snow so I was able to stay consistent.)  Then taking the leftover strips of the prints and more of the solid, I improv pieced it together.

I did a loopy FMQ and put together a bright and colorful back as well as a scrappy binding and finished it with several months to spare.

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Blogger's Quilt Festival 1

How do people decide which of their quilts to "display" in the Blogger's Quilt Festival?  When thinking about what to enter this year, I immediately figured I would just choose this and this.  However, then I decided to read my post from last year's festival.  That was just a few months after I started blogging and I had only made a handful of quilts at the time.  In the post, I wrote about how my littlest (7 months at the time) had spent many hours on that quilt and how it was in so many photos of her but that she was getting mobile and the quilt was not being used much anymore but that I hoped she would find it at some later point and love it as an older child.

Well, that quilt ended up in the pile that my older daughters' use for various things but I recently made this new baby quilt.  And, I don't know what it is about this quilt but she LOVES it.  When we are in the house, she carries it around and is constantly cuddling with it.  And when we go out, she makes sure to have me drape it over the side of her crib so that she'll know right where it is when we get home (at least that is my interpretation of why she insists I put it there.)  

Like I said, I really have no idea what it is about this quilt that she finds so special.  It is certainly not the first quilt I've made for her and there are several quilt in the same size around my house that she could have taken for her own but this is the first one for which she has shown affection.

So while this might not be the most complicated or unique quilt I've made, this is the one that is special for me today as I'm choosing which quilts to feature for the Quilt Festival.  If you want more information about the quilt, here is the original post.   

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Link Up Plus. . .

My friends Nicole and Krista have been hosting a Liberty sew-along that I've followed along with both on their blogs and on Instagram.  Since I had just used my Liberty fabric for this project, I hadn't planned on joining in but then I remembered that I had a few left over squares so I cut those up, paired them with some Essex linen, and made a pillow cover. There is only one day left to link up but if you have a project to share, you can find the link up on Nicole's blog here.

In other news, I wanted to thank everyone for all the great book recommendations!  I'm so excited to have added so many books to my reading list.  And if you liked the fabric bundle, I have good news for you - Tactile Fabrics is now listing an identical fat quarter bundle for $27.50 (not including shipping.)  It is called the Plum and June FQ bundle and you can find it here.  I had so much fun putting this bundle together - I think it would work well in a project on its own or as a good stash builder.  And this is one of my favorite color palettes right now (as evidenced here and here.)

Plum and June

The Let's Get Acquainted Link Up is being hosted by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts this week.  Click here to see what Alyce has been up to living in Japan this past year and to add your link so we can see what you have been sewing.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabric Giveaway

Hi there!  If you are visiting from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, welcome!  This is my space where I share my quilting and sewing projects - as well as some occasional crochet, knitting, and cross-stitch.  Here are some of my favorite finishes:

Today's giveaway is from Tactile Fabrics, one of my blog's sponsors and one of my most favorite fabric shops.  The owner, Jennifer, stocks the most wonderful selection of fabrics including some new lines like Glimma and Bike.  And she provides fantastic service and fast shipping.

For the giveaway, Tactile Fabrics is offering the opportunity for one lucky person to win the gorgeous fat quarter bundle of pinks, yellows, and grays pictured below.  There are so many fabrics I love in this bundle including prints from Comma, Field Study, Architextures, and Glimma.

You have 3 chances to win****!

1. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Any comment will do but if you'd like a topic, how about recommending a good book - an exciting novel you just couldn't put down, a fun book for kids, a quilting book, or even a cookbook? (one entry)

Bonus Entries
2. Plum and June followers - old and new - get a second entry. Leave a comment indicating how you are following. (one entry)

3. Tactile Fabrics followers - old and new - get a third entry. You can follow them on Facebook here or Twitter here. And if you are not on (or active on) Facebook or Twitter, you can get this third entry by visiting Tactile Fabrics and coming back here to leave a comment about your favorite thing from their shop. Leave a comment indicating which one of these you did and/or your favorite thing from Tactile Fabrics. (one entry)

So you can enter up to 3 times! This giveaway will remain open until May 10, 2012 at 5pm PST and a winner will be picked at random and will be notified by email by May 12, 2012.

****This giveaway is open for U.S. shipping only.****

****And unless you are sure that you are NOT a no-reply comment, please leave your email address in your comment.****

****Tactile Fabrics is offering a coupon code for all readers good for 15% off - use code PLUMJUNE15****

And be sure to stop by Sew Mama Sew for links to the rest of the giveaways.

The giveaway is now closed.  The winner is #18 Marci Girl.  Congrats Marci - I have just sent you an email.  And thanks everyone who entered - I enjoyed reading all your book suggestions!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Baby Quilt and the Link Up

I'm not really sure what to say about this baby quilt.  I started by pulling all the pink and yellow fabrics in my stash and making the 16-patch blocks (the squares finished at 2 1/2 inches.)

I originally planned on using Kona snow for the sashing but when I went through my stash to find it, I saw this blue solid (I'm not sure what color it is) and decided to use that instead.  The sashing strips are all 2". 

And since I wanted a rectangle shape, I added in the left over ends/scraps from when I trimmed the 16-patch blocks.

For the quilting, I wanted to use the flower motif from Angela Walter's Free-Motion Quilting book.  I started the first flower (you can see it if you look closely in the center of the above photo) and then decided to just keep making more rounds of that one flower resulting in just one big flower to cover the entire quilt.  I used Aurifil 2710 which is a light grayish blue so it blends really well with the blue fabric.  I really love experimenting with different types of quilting and would definitely use this again - either as a bunch of small flowers or as one big off-centered flower.

Yet again, the back the does not match the front at all.  But my daughter's love this back and think this is a 100% reversible quilt - which is so "nice" to hear considering the back took about 1/10th of the time to make as the front!!!

Plum and June

What have all of you been making lately?  

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3. Visit at least the two bloggers who link up before you and everyone who visits you from this post.
4. When the link tool asks for your name, write down the name of your favorite quilting motifs or one you would like to try.