Monday, August 25, 2014

around the world blog hop

When my friend Heidi from Fabric Mutt asked me to be the next stop in the Around the World blog hop that has been making its way around the online quilting world recently, I was happy to say yes. Basically, being part of this hop involves answering a few questions and inviting a few others to join in.

1. What am I working on?

Well, not much sewing has been going on here recently. And by not much, I mean, I have not sewn anything at all for almost a month. Yep - my kids are starting school this week with not one new handmade item to speak of (I know - cue the tiny violins!) But this is a big difference from the past two years

However, I have been inspired by Anne and her genius QDAD idea and I have been designing plenty of quilts - and maybe, just maybe, I'll actually make one of them one day.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I always like reading the answers from other bloggers for this question but it really is a difficult one to answer. Since all of our work is an extension of us, then I think that all of our work differs from others, right? But to be more specific to me, I guess I would say that my answer is that I usually prefer to use my own designs (like many others) but that since I prefer not to focus on details like straight lines and matched points, I make quilts where those things really don't matter. I don't know if just sounds like I'm being lazy - I really don't think I am, I just prefer to concentrate on other things. So, I guess everything I make really has that handmade look - intentional or not.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I seriously don't even know how to answer this question. I love being surrounded by handmade things -whether it is a quilt to cuddle under, a scarf to keep me warm, an original piece of art for my wall, or even simply a dress that makes my daughter twirl nonstop. And I like being able to give handmade gifts - which I hope the recipient will enjoy. I also really enjoy learning new skills - whether it involves fabric, thread, paper, or um, chocolate!

4. How does my creative process work?

Basically, I just get an idea in my head and then I just make it up as I go. This is especially true of my quilting process. I don't usually sketch before I start, nor do I try to figure out specific measurements. I just start sewing - making changes as I'm working. Earlier this year, I started using a design wall and that has changed my process a bit by giving me the ability to easily try out different combinations and arrangements before committing to anything. 

Now it is my turn to invite three more bloggers to participate in the around the world hop. I've chosen three of my blogging friends that I've known for a while (and who still blog regularly.) All three of them make absolutely gorgeous things and have their own distinct style. They are Erica from kitchen table quilting, Svetlana from S.o.t.a.k Handmade, and Jess from the Elven Garden. Look for their posts next Monday, September 1st.

Monday, August 18, 2014

new (removable) chair covers

I was about to start this post by saying "A few months ago, I made some removable chair cushion covers for my dining room chairs." I then searched my blog so that I could link to the post and realized the post was from June 2013 - over a year ago! I honestly thought I made them earlier this year. The worst part is that in that post I write about how I only made 4 of the 6 I needed and that I would be making the rest soon (click here to read it.) Crazy!

Well, anyway - I made the last two and I actually plan to replace the original four to match the recent ones - guess I'll write about that in 2015. 

For this first cover, I experimented with the quilting like I did for this pillow.

However, for the second cover, I just quilted straight lines on the chambray fabric since the quilted large triangles on the first one weren't allowing the cover to lay flat enough for a chair cushion cover. I also substituted a dark gray with pink dots fabric for the sketch fabric to mix it up a bit and NOT because I ran out of the sketch :) For both covers, I stitched around a few of the leaves but mostly left that fabric unquilted.

I plan to make the other four covers with a similar color/fabric scheme but to give each its own personality. And just like the original cushion covers, I just sewed some ties to the back of the cover to attach it to the chair. The ties are easy to remove from the quilts (ask me how I know!) so I'll either just keep the original covers nearby to use when these are in the wash or I'll remove the ties and give them to my daughters for doll quilts. Either way, they definitely won't go to waste.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

another almost geranium dress

acorn trail geranium dress

One of these days I plan on trying another dress pattern but I think this makes my fifth geranium dress. I guess I'm getting my money's worth! Though I think I've only made one that doesn't have a major error (user error - I don't blame the pattern at all!) If you look at the photos, you might think the mistake has something to do with the seam between the bodice and the skirt - but that is minor. The real mistake is that I forgot that you have to cut both a back and a front for the skirt and I didn't realize it until after I finished the bodice. Yes, I know I could have just used other fabric (I didn't have enough left of this one) but I wanted to use this fabric and I figured I might as well try it. Well, it isn't exactly the geranium - but it still works!

acorn trail geranium dress

I didn't think I had been able to get any good photos of the dress the first time my 2 year old wore it, so I took more photos the second and third time and then realized that I actually had quite a few to use. So here are a few more . . .

acorn trail geranium dress

acorn trail geranium dress

acorn trail geranium dress

Hm, is this last photo collage totally bizarre with the two half pics on top of each other?!?! I can't decide what I think.

I used fabric from a new line coming soon from Birch Organic. It is Acorn Trail by Teagan White who also designed one of my favorite fabric lines last year - Fort Firefly (see the pillows I made with it here.) 

And here are the links to my other geranium dresses: here and here.