Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Week 4

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plum and june

plum and june

plum and june

Plum and June
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plum and june

Today's advice post is by paper piecing queen Kristy from Quiet Play.  Click here to read her wonderful advice.

plum and june

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Plum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and June
Plum and JunePlum and June

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leftover Block Pillow

When making this quilt, I planned on using one of the blocks as part of the backing but as they often do, my plans changed during the process and I had this leftover block.  So, I added some uneven borders to the block and made a pillow cover instead (and since pillows were on my "want to make" list - yay!)  I used some cushions that I bought a few weeks ago in anticipation of making some covers - they are different then the ones I usually buy and the pillow cover doesn't fit quite right but I'm thinking with use it will adjust over time, right?

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop Week 3

Plum and June
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Plum and JunePlum and JunePlum and June
Plum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and June

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

inspired by the view

While looking through the photos of this quilt, I found this image which has me wondering if the reason I've been drawn to lots of low-volume and pink fabrics lately is because those beautiful pink flowers are the main view outside my window.  This also might explain why my new favorite quilting design is flowers.

I had initially pulled these fabrics to make cushion covers but then quickly realized that this was not the right palette for the intended purpose.  However, I really liked these fabrics together so I made a quick quilt using a similar method to the one I described here except I offset the strips.  

My original quilting plan was spirals at the edges of each patchwork block.  I finished the first spiral fine but while quilting the second spiral, I somehow started making it a flower instead (possibly because of the reason I wrote above?!?!)  I actually thought it looked good while I was in the process of quilting so I finished the quilt with more flowers and some large loops and used some flea market fancy for the binding.  The next morning I took the quilt out to show my family and immediately realized that I did not like the spirals AT ALL!  My husband and daughters tried to convince me it looked "fine" but I did not even kind of agree.

So, despite this being a completely finished (but not yet washed) quilt, I unpicked the one big spiral and replaced it with a giant flower design.  I don't think I would necessarily recommend doing this but it actually worked out okay this time.  As you can see in the above photo, I did leave in the little spiral which I wish I had also unpicked but oh, well.  Fortunately, this quilt will be one that lives in my house with my daughters who are happy to overlook any and all imperfections (which, if you saw any of my quilts up close, you would know is a good thing!) 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop Week 2

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Plum and JunePlum and June

Plum and JunePlum and JunePlum and JunePlum and June

Plum and JunePlum and June

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Covered Twice Chairs

Our dining room is probably the most often used room in our house.  The dining room table is where we eat (we have a tiny kitchen) and where my daughters do their art projects, decorate cupcakes, build forts  - I am actually sitting in here right now using the table as a desk for my laptop.  Not surprisingly, the cushions on the chairs in there have been looking - well, less than beautiful! I actually haven't recovered the cushions since before I had kids - and since my oldest daughter is 10, it has been awhile.  What - were you expecting a before photo?  Oops, I forgot to take some!

I finally bought some beautiful fabric to recover the chairs (Stamped from Kokka) and with the help of my visiting mother-in-law, my husband, and my older two daughters, we got all six chairs covered.  And I LOVED them - yes LOVED them --- until it was time for us to sit down to dinner.  What was I thinking using light colors for these chairs - and linen?!?!?!  I immediately covered all the chairs with dishtowels before we ate but needed to find a more permanent solution and re-covering was not an option.

The next morning with everyone back to work and school and my littlest in for her nap, I started pulling all the dark fabrics from my stash (and scrap pile) and assembly-style, made four patchwork chair covers - that is four removable, washable covers!  I basically made four mini quilts and then hand-sewed fabric straps on the back to attach them to the chairs (and yes, I plan on making 2 more - after working on these for the week, I needed to switch projects for a while.)

So, yes, I know I am totally ridiculous but what can I say?!?!?  Oh, and I used this opportunity to practice some new FMQ techniques (well, after I did the straight line quilting on the quilt in the above photo!)  They actually didn't take too long to make since I strip pieced - I didn't take any photos of the process but I will when I make the last two cushion covers and then I'll share how I made them.

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