Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Time Entering a Challenge

One of the reasons I started writing a blog was to start challenge myself by entering the fun contests/challenges I see popping up every so often on my favorite blogs.  Earlier today when I saw the post from Ellison Lane Quilts stating that today was the last day to enter her Modern Mini Challenge, I thought about entering but then quickly dismissed the thought thinking I didn't have anything worthy of entering (maybe if my hexagons were done but um, they are not.)  Throughout the day, I noticed various posts on my reader from craft bloggers who were entering their quilts.  It is now 9:20pm on the East Coast and I'm relaxing on the couch with my hubby watching TV and crocheting and I just started thinking about the challenge again.  And, I've decided to go for it - seriously, what do I have to lose?  Can't think of anything so I'm entering the quilt from my header.  I made it a few months ago and it is special to me in that it was the quilt that made me realize that I love taking the time to hand sew the binding.  Up until then, I usually finished my "quilts" by sewing right sides together and just topstitching around the edge or occasionally, I tried machine sewing the binding.  Completing the binding on this quilt convinced me that my personal preference for both aesthetics and process was to hand sew the binding.  So, here it is - my first time participating in a craft challenge.


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