Thursday, March 8, 2012

A finish, a small project, and thoughts on blogging

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I figured I would post everyday.  I mean, I thought I had lots of ideas of what to write about in addition to blogging about my current projects and entering QALs, etc.  Clearly that has not happened but for a good reason.  Upon learning that I was starting a blog, my two older daughters decided they wanted to start blogs as well and I have to say, I find myself spending the majority of my computer time helping them.  Not so much helping them with the content (they have their own ideas of what they want to post) but on designing and redesigning their blogs, taking and editing pictures, and showing them how to make their poetry into wall art for the posts.  It really is fun blogging with them and I like how I am learning how to do these things alongside them.

We especially are loving finding all sorts of fun fonts and papers to download to embellish their photos and words and I'm really enjoying learning more about photography (and am fortunate to have three very willing models!)  However, I'm still working on how best to photograph my quilts and works in progress - there seems to be lots of shadows in the photos taken inside.  It seems lots of bloggers take their photos outside so I'll try to figure out a way to do that when it is just me and the baby (unfortunately, my 5 month old isn't much help in holding up quilts for display - fortunately though she is all about modeling hats and clothes and laying on top of the quilts . . .)

And lastly, in blogging news, I opened a Twitter account but I haven't tweeted anything yet because I don't really know yet what to tweet.  I'm new to twitter so I'll have to check out some other blogger's feeds to see how people use it.  I also opened a Flickr account and posted a few photos of random projects from around my house.  As I said, I'm learning how to take photos of the stuff I make so I plan on taking and posting more pics soon.  I also put up a link to my Pinterest account.  Even though Pinterest is huge in the blogging world, most of my friends and family haven't figured it out yet so I'll be writing this out for them.  I love making stuff that I've pinned - here is a pillow that I saw on Pinterest and then made recently.  The idea came from this lovely French blog Stipa & Alpaga.

I upcycled an old maternity shirt that had a hole in the collar and then just added a strip of fabric to the back so that I had enough length for an envelope back.

In quilting/sewing news, I finished the quilt from my charm pack.  I really do love how the binding brings it all together.  And as long as I don't look too closely, I like how it came out and my daughter loves it.  Her only issue was that she expecting a quilt for her bed, not for her doll.  If she only knew.

And I decided to do a quick project this morning while the baby was napping. I bought several yards of Folksy Flannels a few months during a great sale and have loved working with it - it is so wonderfully soft.  I've been wanting to make a lightweight stroller blanket so I used two of my last three yards of the flannel to do so.  I just put the two pieces right sides together, sewed around the edges, turned right side out, and  topstitched around the edge.  And then, just for fun, I used one of the decorative stitches on my machine to add a small border to the edges just inside the straight stitch.  Cute and easy!

Okay, the baby is already up and sitting on my lap so that's it for now.


  1. Cute stuff! I love the pillow and the doll quilt. I don't blog nearly every day. If I get in two posts a week, it's a success! I think you're off to a great start. I love stopping by here!


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