Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crochet Flower Mobile

I'm away from my sewing machine this week so figured this would be a great time to do a crochet post.  I was actually motivated to do this when I saw this link you stuff post on Annemarie's Crochet Blog.

To make the mobile, I just took yarn scraps and crocheted flowers using various patterns I found online and ones that I made up myself.  I made the mobile last year so I don't remember all the patterns I used.  I am sure that I would have used patterns from one of my favorite crochet bloggers - Lucy at Attic24.  I also used some simple circles.  I strung the flowers and circles on ribbon yarn that I knotted at the end - if I was do a project like this again, I think I might try using a thinner thread or even something that would make it seem as if the flowers were floating.

I hung the strings of flowers from the center piece of an embroidery hoop.  To cover the hoop I measured the diameter and then crocheted a rectangle the same length which I wrapped around hoop to create a tube.  I then crocheted 6 individual chains and attached them securely to the hoop on one end and to each other in a giant knot on the other.

I have this mobile well out of reach of any little hands since I do not know how secure it is.  And I wouldn't put it anywhere near the baby's crib or let her sit under it without adult supervision.  It is just for decoration.  Although the baby does love staring at it!


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