Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Link Up and Girl Friday Sews

Plum and June

The Let's Get Acquainted Link Up is still traveling around the blogosphere!  This week it is being hosted by Taryn at from Pixels to Patchwork.  Click here to add your link and to see Taryn's adorable spool mini-quilt (and her awesome Starburst quilt.)

Fabric Mutt

And if you haven't already heard, Heidi from Fabric Mutt is hosting a fun blog hop that starts tomorrow (see all the hop details here.)  Girl Friday Sews will be full of tutorials for items to use where we (and/or our children) work and learn.  Noticing that this hop was starting soon, I put aside some time last week to decide what I was going to make and before I knew it, I made the item and even wrote my post - crazy!  My date is not even until April 9th!  

Since I spent my sewing time working on my top secret project for the Girl Friday Sews blog hop and the quilt that I spoke about in my last post, this is my only Farmer's Wife block to share this week.  I really thought that my points had lined up well but now looking at this photo - yikes!  


  1. I love your colors in your block. And I didn't even notice the missing points until you said something. I think it looks great.

    How nice you are finished with your blog hop post! I finished my project tonight, but I still need to write it up! I'm going Wednesday, so I best get to typing!

  2. I didn't notice the points either. I think we're far pickier about our work than anyone else is -- I sure am, anyway.

    I can't wait to see your project, Beth! :)

  3. It feels so wonderful to get something done early! Can't wait to see your day on the hop!

    I think your block looks great! The points look good from here:)

  4. I love colors of this block. I didn't notice the points not matching up. It looks beautiful. I'm finally starting mine this week. I hope I can catch up with you... you are fast :)


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