Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Special Link Up and Happy Holidays!

I have really just been working on small projects recently - actually, finishing up most of the things on my 100 day Hustle list.  Looking back at the list I wrote in September, I am actually surprised that I finished almost everything on there!

The only thing I have left is to make some more floor pillows for my littlest's room.  But I've made the quilt for my middle daughter, two table runners (here and here), several stroller blankets, a variety of pouches and other small items, three toy buckets, and I finally bought a new sewing machine!!!  My original list was very manageable and none of it needed to get done so I guess that is why it probably did - no stress, no pressure, no problem!

So, Happy Holidays!!!  Since I wasn't really actively involved in quilty blog land last year, I'm not sure how much will be going on around the blogosphere the next two weeks.  Therefore, I figured I'd put up the Monday Link Up today (even though it is not Monday anywhere in the world Ange!) and just leave it open for two weeks.  And you are welcome to link up more than one post during this time.

Plum and June

1.  Link up any recent sewing/quilting posts.
2.  Include either a text link or a button letting people know about this link up.
3.  Visit at least the two bloggers who link up before you and everyone who visits you from this post.
4.  When the link tool asks for your name, write down one of your quilting or blogging goals for 2013.  Two of mine are learning about using interfacing (I've still never used it) and taking photos showing my quilts and sewing projects in use.


  1. Ha, ha, you're right it's not yet, but you could just call it Sunday link up, it must be Sunday in Australasia already! ; ). Ange

  2. Merry Christmas Beth! Absolutely love that polar bear!!! So you got another machine along with your Juki??? Can't wait to hear about this.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Beth! I'll have to have a look how I've got on with the 100 day Hustle.... hmmm could be interesting!

  4. Oh my gosh, these projects are all so darling! I have to sit down with my 100 Day Hustle list next week - I was thinking about that this afternoon. Have a wonderful Christmas, Beth!

  5. It's just gone Monday here in Aus! I'll link up just because I can! E xx
    (Merry Christmas!)

  6. A new sewing machine! Sounds like Christmas came early in your house Beth :)

  7. You were very productive this year! Merry Christmas!

  8. Nice work on all your projects! You got some fantastic things done! Well done!

    Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas!

  9. Heya, you have been so productive this fall, even when your machine was broken. Well done! I have read up on your blog all the way back to August but I cant find a post on what kind of machine you decided to buy in the end. Since we emailed a bit about it earlier this year and I too have gotten a new machine I'm a bit curious to what you chose in the end. I chose the new Husqvarna Viking Opal670 which I'm currently trying out. Happy so far. ;) Happy 2013 to you and I hope to be able to visit here more frequently than I've been able to this fall. Take care.


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