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Blog Hop News 12

Plum and June

Here are the links to the four bloggers to visit this week - and while you are there, leave a comment to say hello!

Aug 7
     Liz from What I Did on My Summer Vacation
     Susan from Canadian Abroad

Aug 9
     Kirsten from Gemini Stitches
     Stephanie from Sewing by Stephanie

The advice and let's figure it out series are still on a short summer hiatus.  In the meantime, how is everyone feeling about social media?  I know some of you are resistant to one or more of these but I still recommend trying at least one that is new to you.  Why?  Well, using social media is a great way to grow your blog but it is also a great way to (1) make and keep up with new blog friends, (2) to see and share WIPs and other projects that may or may not make the cut for a blog post, (3) to cheer each other on during the sewing process, (4) to ask questions about a project you are working on, (5) to find fabric sales and destashing sales, and (6) to post photo outtakes (oh, and Instagram filters are great for a quick photo edit!)  So, I know I've asked this question before but I'm putting it out there again for a conversation:  How do you use the various social media outlets available and what advice do you have about using them?  And how would you finish this sentence:  social media is a great way to . . .

If you want to like/follow/contact me, I use plumandjune for my username on all my social media sites and here is the link to find me on flickr, twitter, and facebook.

Plum and June

This week's complicated rules:
1.  Anyone who is participating or following along with the hop can add a link that is quilting or sewing-related.
2. Link up any post you want - old or new from your blog.  When the link tool asks for your name, type in the name of your favorite family board game.  
3. If you have any current blog events, link them here as well - just put the name of the event when the link tool asks for your name.
4.  Please consider linking to this page from your blog (either in a post or from your sidebar) so others can join in as well.
5.  Please visit (at least) the person who links up before you and leave a comment to say hello!


  1. Social media is a great way to make new friends. I have made some really wonderful friend on Twitter and they have been such a blessing in my life. I also like being able to show WIP pics there and I just started a flickr group for people who have used my tutorials. I think social media can be a very powerful tool.

  2. I am starting to use flickr more. I think flickr works nicely with blogging!

  3. Social media is a great way to meet new quilty friends who may become followers. It's also a great way to be in the find out what's going on and how you can be a part of various activities. At present I use twitter, flickr, pinterest and facebook. Two of them I just started using recently after learning more about their value and use via your wonderful posts. Thanks so much for keeping this alive. You are greatly appreciated.

  4. Social media is a great way to make friends and inspire each other. I LOVE Flickr and have been active on there since I began quilting in 2008. I love doing swaps and bees through flickr and finding inspiration. I just created a FB page and I just started using twitter and instagram. I really like instagram, but I really having figured out twitter yet. I feel like I don't get as much feedback on there as I do on Flickr and my blog. Maybe because no one follows me:)

  5. Moving along nicely with my blog, Ravelry, Pinterest and my facebook business page (separate to my personal facebook account). Very new to using flickr and have to admit I'm not utilising it properly yet. My phone doesn't do anything fancy, just sends texts and makes calls - can't even take a photo with it - so for now Twitter and Instagram will have to pass me by!

    Can't imagine life without all this social media anymore, I'm gaining and learning so much from it and making some great new friends along the way :)

  6. Social media is a great way to make me want to throw things at the TV, since it has inspired NBC to hire Ryan Seacrest to take away time they could be showing sports to give us a "social media update."


  7. I love using flickr for blog and sewing related socializing. I have joined public groups that pertain to my interests/style or events that I follow along and then I post relevant photos in those groups. It's a great way to reach out to more people than just blogging. Of course, note in the description a link to your blog post on that photo and you might get extra visitors to your blog. And if you really like a photo you see, comment! Just like you would on a blog post. Flickr is a great way to be social!

  8. I use flickr quite a bit -- I'm part of several charm swaps that are being organized on flickr, and I'm following (or participating in) a couple of QALs as well. And I tune in to twitter once in a while. But my Facebook account is populated by people from graduate school and from work, who haven't the faintest interest in quilting, so I leave that alone.

    I second Marit's comment about adding a link to your blog post in a flickr photo description. It definitely brings a little more traffic. Plus, it allows people to read a little bit about the project, which I love when I run into it on other people's blogs.

  9. Oh shoot - I messed up my link name - didn't see that rule! Our favorite board games are Quirkle and Survive, Escape from Atlantis!

  10. Social media is a great way to connect with other quilters. I had set up a facebook pace for my blog and just getting the hang of how things work. Instagram is really fun and easy to share pictures. Flickr and twitter are two more social meadia outlets I want to get acquainted with by the end of this month.

  11. Well, I finally fell for Intragram while on holiday but still holding off Twitter and though I am Facebook I have to admit I rarely check what is happening there. I think I am a social media failure!

  12. Social media is a great way to make new friends and keep contact with old friends. I don't "get" twitter, although my blog posts automatically post to twitter, same with Facebook. However, I'm kind of addicted to Instagram! And I also love Flickr for all its inspiration.

  13. Social media is great, not just to share what you do but also learn from others. Because I am French and live in the UK, twitter helps me follow what is going on in France, the latest political, sports trends etc. I really really want an Iphone to get on Instagram - well will have to replace the Blackberry soon... I love Pinterest for inspiration, a bit harder to share your work, but it is like a library of things to make, fashion etc. Love it!


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