Friday, May 30, 2014

to be photographed and a new look

A couple of days ago, I gathered all of my recent finishes and WIPs and brought them upstairs to my room to take some photos. But the sun kept hiding behind the clouds (or is it the clouds kept blocking the sun) and well, those projects are still piled in that corner waiting for a good "light" day. I'm hoping that day will be today! 

art gallery meadow improv squares quilt

Here is one photo that I took when there was still good light. The top is an improv squares quilt top that I am working on with my middle daughter. There are lots of gorgeous Art Gallery fabrics in that one - mostly from Meadow. I already finished the back which is pieced almost entirely of cute novelty prints. 

I also wanted to let you know about the most recent advice post from a 2013 new blogger blog hop alum  - Molli Sparkles!  Click here to read Molli's sparkling (to the point and totally spot on) advice! 

And did you notice that I updated the advice button? I wanted to just quickly change the font of my blog name on it to match the font I use on my other buttons. Really, my plan was to take 5 minutes to change just that one thing. But after I changed the font, I figured I would change the design a bit. And then once I finished that button, I decided to work on updating my social media and bloglovin' buttons and then before I knew it, I had spent way too long on the computer and had updated my entire sidebar and made a new header?!!?!? 

I'll finish this post by announcing that the 2014 new quilt blogger blog hop is starting next week so again, if you left me a comment on any of the blog hop posts or sent me an email and did not hear back from, send me another email as soon as you read this. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anyone.


  1. I have Meadow in a lovely little pile (with a few other things thrown in) sitting patiently awaiting a plan. Hope you're getting the good light day that we have here in NH! I'm going to try and comment via google, so maybe that will work now? *crosses fingers*

  2. Looking forward to following the hop!

  3. Meadow (sigh), so much pretty. I also wait for good light days (and low mosquito days) and it can get frustrating when one doesn't come around when you want. Ahh the joys of getting good photos :)

  4. Jealous that you have cut into your Meadow. Mine is calling. Too much to-do list in between me and it. (also, I want to try not doing a "pattern" with it, so it's a little more of a challenge.) Lovely WIP photos, I think. I struggle to take good WIP photos! These are great examples.

  5. Love the new design, and great picture of your WIPs!

  6. Love the new look and can't wait for the blog hop!

  7. I like your new look and your pic :-)

  8. Losing hours on the computer instead of minutes is definitely cutting into my sewing time at the moment too!
    Thankyou for coordinating the Blog Hop it is a huge undertaking!


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