Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along and the Monday Link Up

Happy New Year!!!

I spent most of late December watching this:

But every so often, I would sneak a peek at Instagram and after seeing all the photos and discussions about the scrappy trip along, I knew exactly what my first project of 2013 would be.

I decided to go super scrappy and I plan on this being my largest quilt to date.  I started by just cutting a bunch of 16 x 2.5 strips (here is the tutorial for the quilt.)  Not nearly enough for the whole quilt but enough to get started.  I'm making my blocks one at a time - slowly - and just really enjoying the process of putting together the fabric combinations and seeing it all come together.

I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes hosted by my wonderful blog friend Melissa.  My goal is to make 30 squares by January 31st.

And now it is your turn - what have you been up to this New Year?

Plum and June

1. Link up any recent sewing/quilting posts.
2. Include either a text link or a button letting people know about this link up.
3. Visit at least the two bloggers who link up before you and everyone who visits you from this post.
4. When the link tool asks for your name, write down one or more words to describe your sewing or blogging goals/philosophy for 2013.


  1. Oh, your scrappy trip along is looking wonderful! I've been cutting strips to make one too. I can never resist a chance to make something scrappy. ;o)

    Happy New Year!

  2. La, la, la, I'm not hearing anyone on their tripalong! *covers ears with hands* Ange : )

  3. I'm just sitting back watching the rest of you make these quilts. Gorgeous but I will stay on the sidelines. Enjoy!

  4. Can't wait to see all your finished blocks! I did a trip around the world quilt in all batiks about 6 years ago.

  5. Oh that is such a divine photo! I am holding off starting a tripalong until I clear a few projects (we'll see how long that lasts!!). Yours looks beautiful!

  6. Beth,
    I love yours. I've seen lots show up on Flickr.
    I just may have to try this one : )

  7. Looks lovely Beth - still trying hard to finish off my crochet blanket before I get sucked into this.....but it's getting increasingly harder! x

  8. Ohhh your scrappy TATW looks fab! I have plans for one, but not until my Jan stuff is sewn. Well the more I say it, I might actually manage to stick to it ;-)

  9. I tried so hard to resist doing this QAL, but all the gorgeous pictures on Instagram totally broke my resolve! Yours is coming together fabulously!

  10. Your scrappy quilt is gorgeous -- such a great mix of fabrics! That first picture at the top of your girls is adorable!!

  11. Your scrappy quilt is looking so beautiful. I have been wanting to join in so badly, but oh so little time. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.
    The picture of your girls is so cute!

  12. What a lovely photo! I seem to have hardly any Christmas photos of the kids this year (a) because Christmas / New Year was so manic and (b) because my toddler goes into anti-paparazzi mode whenever she sees a camera at the moment - whilst she used to say "cheese" quite readily, she now says "no no no not cheese" and scowls.

    I am trying to resist the Tripalong. It is very tempting and clearly this viral has infected many many quilters! I am currently compiling my 2013 Finish-a-Long list and I don't think I can afford another quilt to go on it right now. But I am loving your blocks - so colourful & fun x

  13. Great project. I like the way it's looking. Best of luck on meeting your goal!

  14. Your Trip along blocks look wonderful - I wasn't going to join in but seeing all of the wonderful pictures is making it very hard not to!

  15. I must be the only person in the sewing universe who is not joining along. Yours looks great!! I love the photo of the kids!


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