Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Monday Link Up

Last month, I participated in the happy little pouch hop along with one of my dearest friends from the online quilting world, Heidi from Fabric Mutt.  Heidi made this wonderful little  hexagon pouch that I absolutely adored so you can imagine my reaction when I received a holiday package from her in the mail a few weeks later and inside was none other than that little pouch!  And not only did Heidi send me the pouch but she stuffed it full with a variety of fabric scraps that she knew I would just love.

And speaking of fun fabric scraps, these in the above photo are from another one of my dearest friends that I met this year though this online sewing/quilting community, Nicole from Bold Goods.  Actually, though, these fabrics aren't mine - Nicole put together two adorable packages of fabrics for each of my two older daughters (but I convinced them to trade with me for that little dancing couple - I mean, seriously, how cute is that fabric!)  I've actually now met Nicole twice - in real life!  We don't live near each other but fortunately, she has some friends that live near me so twice now we've been able to sneak in a visit when she has been nearby.  And have I mentioned how much my daughters adore her? Especially my one year old!

And lastly, see these perfectly basted EPP hexagons - well, I'm not the one who basted them!  I finally went to my local modern quilt guild meeting last week and I am so glad that I did!  It was so fun to meet Instagram and blog friends in real life!  The basted hexagons and precut hexagon scraps are from Melinda from Quirky Granola Girl - she saw that I was working on a EPP hexagon project and gave these to me (I think she said they were leftover from this amazing quilt.)  There were so many great fabrics in the pile including a bunch of cute novelty ones that I had never seen before.  Fun, fun, fun!

Plum and June

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  1. What great little hexies to be given! I love that dancing couple too!

  2. Oh wow, great zippy bag (still can't say pouch without a shudder!), and cute hexys, how good is it that someone else did all of the hard work for you. : )

  3. Other people's scraps are always the best! How nice that you are meeting more and more of your online friends in person. Makes it so much nicer.

  4. So glad you still love that bag, Beth! That pile of hexagons is gorgeous, and I love that dancing couple too! :)

  5. What a pretty bag. The hexagons look amazing what a great great gift. The dancing couple is adorable... all those fabrics are beautiful.

  6. thanks for mentioning the hexies. i'm glad they have a good home. i may dig through my other piles (cool and neutral colors) to see if i have more to pass on :) will you be at the next meeting? i hope so!

  7. This was a good idea for the title spot, Beth. I love reading which fact belongs to which blogger! Some are a little surprising! :)

  8. thats a cute dancing couple. I wonder what line that is from?


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