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Challenge #1: August 25, 2013 Take Photos of Fabric

Challenge #2:  September 26, 2013 Subject and Composition
For September, we are going to focus on subject and composition.  This challenge can be as simple or involved as you want it to be.  Just choose some words/phrases from the list below and then compose a somewhat sewing/quilting-related photo illustrating your answer or interpretation of each. You can choose to use all, some, or even just one of the words - but focus on what you are including (and not including) in each photo - in other words, make each photo count.

Each photo should tell its story without needing any written explanation. So, for your post, don't write about your photos, don't explain them - let the photos do the talking.  However, I would suggest writing the word or phrase you are using under each photo and somewhere in the post you might want to say that it is part of the photography workshop. 

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Challenge #3: November 10, 2013  Color and White Balance

Pick a color (or two) and figure out how to incorporate white balance, light, and editing to get the truest representation of that color on your computer screen.  You can use fabric, a WIP, or a finish - just pick something that has a large-ish area of the color you are working on.  To do this, use the white balance presets on your camera and take the same exact photo several times changing nothing but the white balance.  Repeat this process using the same subject but under different light conditions - if you took the first set of photos outside, then move inside or if you took the first set in daylight, wait until it is dark and use lamps.  Finally, find the white balance corrector (sometimes called neutral color picker) on your favorite photo editing program and see how changing the settings affects the colors in your photos.  For more information, click here.  

Plum and June


  1. Hello, I am happy to find your quilt Foto challange and I wanted to ASK you where can be found the results of it and if you go in whith it in 2014, because I would be interesting in taking part...all the best, Chris

  2. hopefully soon. Thanks Christiane.


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