Friday, June 6, 2014

social media?

oakshott ruby bundle

I just want to start this post by saying that I included these fabric photos in this post for no other reason than to add "visual interest." I'm currently making something with this bundle of Oakshott Ruby which I'll post about next week but since I love to take photos of fabric . . . 

oakshott ruby bundle

How do you use social media? When I first started blogging (over two years ago - wow!), I signed up for everything out there but quickly realized I couldn't keep up with so many different outlets. At some point, I decided I would just stick with blogging and Instagram - and I guess flickr to some extent. 

oakshott ruby bundle

Yes - I still like blogs! I like writing mine and reading others. I actually really like seeing several photos of quilts. I like reading the story behind the quilts. I like to hear about your process of making the quilt - what went well and what went wrong.

oakshott ruby bundle

And I love Instagram (come find me on there - I'm @plumandjune.) I like seeing the snippets of daily life, the WIPS, the finishes and I REALLY like all the interaction that happens over there.  

oakshott ruby bundle

I've recently started using Pinterest again (so I guess I should probably add a follow me on pinterest button back to sidebar soon - you can find me here: ) I'm still not exactly sure how to integrate Pinterest into my blog life but I've decided to start by creating a pin board of my projects. Regardless of how I use it for plum and june, I still like using it as a place to keep tips, tutorials, recipes, home ideas, etc so that I can easily find them later.

oakshott ruby bundle

I'm running out of the oakshott fabric photos so I'll finish this post and leave you with my questions:

1. How do you use social media - both in your personal life and in your blog life?
2. How do you use pinterest as part of your blog life - do you use it to promote your blog posts? 
3. For those of you who don't have blogs, what is your take on social media? 
4. Do you tend to focus on just one or two outlets or do you use everything available? What do you think are the pros or cons?
5. Do you follow blogs using a reader (like bloglovin' or feedly), by email, or do you check social media to see when someone publishes a new post? 

If you want to follow me on social media, find me on Instagram (@plumandjune - or click here), pinterest (, and flickr (click here to get to my flickr page).   


  1. I like blogging because I think all our finished quilts and things we make have a "story" to tell. It's fine looking at just a pretty picture of a finished quilt, but I also like seeing a story behind them, like the fabrics and pattern used, why it was chosen, why it was made, things learnt, mistake made etc etc are interesting to read in blog posts. I started my own blog to kind of journal my own projects, so I the more "into" blogging I get the more comfortable I'm getting with knowing what to write about my quilts that will remind me of the good times when I look back!

    I'm finding instagram useful for the same reasons you posted about. In the hop group we've been discussing blog post content and posting about WIPs were brought up there. I find instagram much more useful for showing quick WIP updates so I don't bore my readers with constant chatter about every single stage of the same project, plus I think it helps me sew faster because I only need to take a photo and SNAP there's my WIP update lol. Also asking for help on instagram is SO USEFUL. With so many random quilty followers, within seconds if you're stuck on a fabric choice, or any issues, someone will reply with suggestions!

    Pinterest and I are on a slow getting-to-know-you relationship. I've had my account for a while and I started off by looking at followers' pins and new updates to pin things but I stopped for some reason. On occasion I search for things like "quilt block" to get some quilt block inspiration and might pin a few that I might like to make. At the moment, I guess I'm using it more as a 'bookmarking' thing for personal use instead of just bookmarking onto my browser the 'old' way. If I notice someone has followed me I'll follow back and I'll pin things I like when I see them on there but I probably only visit the site a couple of times week at most. I've only just started pinning my own things on there because I'd never thought of it before the hop! I keep forgetting, but I'm getting there...

  2. I'm not much for social media. I use Flickr mostly for posting bee blocks as it's a requirement of the bee, and I've posted a few other quilts there. I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, although I think I'd like Pinterest.
    I started blogging a few months ago after I retired because I enjoy writing, sharing my patterns, and reading other blogs, so I thought I'd give it a try. My quilts are all of my own creation, not made from a published pattern (sorry if that sounds snobbish).
    Sometimes life and/or confidential projects limit my blogging more than I'd like.
    My goals for my blog are 1) document my work; 2) share with/educate others; 3) connect socially.
    I very recently started following blogs using Bloglovin, so I'll have to see how I like that.

  3. 1. I use FB for personal and some quilt groups; instagram for quilty stuff; pinterest for personal and some blog promo. Don't use Flickr though I have an account and never got into Twitter.
    2. I have a board for my blog and I post new stuff to that. I also pin from my blog to my other quilting boards which have other/more followers.
    4. My focus is on blog, IG and Pinterest for blogging I suppose.
    5. I read blogs on feedly and rarely click through. I also dislike commenting via iPad so I tend to comment less too.

  4. I mostly just blog or I do facebook, but am curious about instagram. I hear it is awesome but can you do it on your computer without a fancy phone? That is my question.

  5. I am "old school" when it comes to social media. I do more things on Facebook then anywhere else. I have a Facebook page for my quilting, another one for my cake decorating, and another one for my clowning stuff. I only used Facebook for the longest time, and through our guild it was mentioned several times that many of the ladies in my guilds don't use Facebook - but they do read blogs! THAT was when I decided to start a blog!

    As for Instagram - not a fan - I have no use for it.

    I only started using Flickr b/c one of my guilds uses it as a way to share pics of block swaps we do and we use the discussion boards on Flickr quite a bit within our guild Flickr group... And I am finding it will be better to upload all my images there and then use them in my blog posts to save "memory" on my Blogger account.

    Pinterest - forgive, b/c I know there are a lot of fanatics out there who love it - but I absolutely detest Pinterest! It makes me cringe when I see the red "P" all over pictures on the web (blogs, personal site, media sites, etc)... It is a way for people to bookmark things they want to save or may want to refer back to them... Great! However, the things I want to save or maybe go back to and revisit/re-read - I don't need to share that with the world... I just use my cell and take a screenshot if there is something I really want to see - or hey, Google searches are great for finding things again too! LOL

    I often think some people are way to inundated with social media! It is why I only use Facebook for my personal stuff. I love that I can control who can (or can not) see EVERY post I write or picture I share. I hate being out with friends who spend more time with their Instagram / Flickr / Pinterest / Facebook / etc apps on their phones then with the people they are with... I think people need to scale DOWN on their social media usage and figure out which things are best suited for their needs.

    If someone doesn't have time to get through the things they wish to look at via social media - then maybe a week completely disconnected would do them some good... It will hopefully make one consider which social media they like MOST, and drop the others... I find it refreshing to "unplug" once in a while and by selecting to only use ONE main form of social media (Facebook), I can share all my stuff without the need for Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, etc...

    The purpose of my blog (it is very new yet, so it is still developing it's "voice" - but I plan to document the story of each project... My real goal is to link every project and their story and give that project everlasting life! I use a QR code on my quilt labels... Right now, the QR code goes to my Quilting Facebook page,and I use the same code on ALL labels....

    My real goal is to use a project specific QR code for every finished project - then that QR code will forever link the project to my blog write-up about it - thus giving the project it's everlasting life!

    Sorry for the "book" of a comment! I had no idea I had this much to say on the topic until I set my fingers free on the keyboard!

  6. I use alot of social media! Personally, facebook mostly. As a blogger - my blog, facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, flickr, and less often lately - ThreadBias. I get ALOT of blog traffic from Pinterest. I post both my finishes plus have many boards related to sewing and blogging. Facebook is mostly a way to highlight the work of others + events + of course my own projects and likes. Ig is just constant in the moment stuff - primarily about my sewing. Like Lee/Freshly Pieced recently wrote...I see all of my methods of social media as a sort of 'package deal' for my brand - A Quilter's Table.
    And yes, I do follow blogs via bloglovin.

  7. And with my "book" of a comment, I forgot to mention that I use a blog reader on a mobile device (I use a cell and a tablet - just depends on what I have in my hand at the time). And I am still testing blog readers - right now I use BlogLovin most, but I am thinking about look at some others that the group feature may work better on...

  8. I follow blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and all for slightly different purposes. Blogs I follow for learning and inspiration. Facebook I use to follow other quilters that I have come to know either in person or virtually. Instagram I use to post my own quilts and to see others. Pinterest I started out pinning nothing but quilts and quilt related things but recently started pinning more things about art and design.

  9. I am new to blogging and I would have to say instagram is my favorite type of social media. I have a personal Facebook, twitter and pinterest but that is just for personal use. I am thinking about making a pinterest and posting my finishes up there and linking it back to my blog for more traffic. It is hard to keep up with so much social media!

  10. I use Bloglovin to follow blogs, also use Pinterest and Instagram, but would say I am an irregular user because I just don't have the time to spend there when I could be sewing and/or should be cleaning or cooking :) I have joined several Bees through being on Flickr and find it a very handy way to store my photos for the blog and for personal use. Have never got into Twitter and doubt that I ever will!

  11. 1. I don't do Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram. I only recently started using Flickr to save space on the blog.
    2. Pinterest - I will sometimes pin one of my blog projects to my Quilting board.
    3. I have a blog
    4. I don't have enough time to do more than the blog and sometimes Pinterest. It takes away from my sewing time. I spent 2 hours on the computer last night on blog hops, that has got to decrease.
    5. I use Bloglovin.

  12. I love blogging. I love the sense of community and the relationships that you build up that aren't possible on other forms of social media. I have a facebook account which I mainly use for playing games. I keep my blog and my Facebook completely separate. I quite like Instagram, but not as much as blogs. I never saw the point in Twitter at all. I use Pinterest A LOT. But to me, it's not social media. It's sharing, yes, but sharing things you find, not about your life. I use it to bookmark stuff I like. I pin all the time but no, don't use it to promote my blog. I use Feedly. I'm not friends with blogging friends on Facebook so wouldn't know when they've posted a new post otherwise! I certainly don't post my blog posts on Facebook. My blog is my little secret from my real life friend and colleagues,.

  13. Interesting questions. I am very similar to you and focus mainly on my blog and Instagram. It's too bad that a lot of people have given up blogging and now just use Instagram, even though Instagram is also great, because you really miss out on a lot. I have serious problems with Facebook and I don't even have an account - it's such a waste of time and there is so much negativity that I don't want any part of. I do use Pinterest somewhat, but not regularly.

  14. 1. I have moved around a lot in my life, and I use Facebook to stay connected to friends and family that are scattered across America. I use Pinterest, but mostly for myself (inspiration). I have an Instagram account that I struggle to use well with an iPad that doesn't connect to my wifi at home. No Twitter and really new to Flickr / probably not going to adopt that one. Oh, and of course I have my blog. So thankful for the quilting community that has opened up because of my blog and your blog hop!!!
    2. I do pin my final quilt pictures hoping to get a bit of traffic / interest back to my blog, but that hasn't been wildly successful just yet. But I don't promote my Pinterest account either (see #1).
    3. I have a blog. Love it! :)
    4. To be honest I tend to focus my attention on: my blog, Facebook, lightly on Pinterest, and rarely on Instagram (but I would love to be more active on Instagram. One day.) I actually like having a variety, but realistically focusing more time one one or two is realistic for me.
    5. I use Wordpress feed and Bloglovin to follow blogs, and it has been working well for me.

  15. I'm not a huge social media fan. I love Bloglovin. It gives me everything I love to read right in one spot and gives me easy access to add new blogs to read. I don't use anything else outside of my own blog and even that's limited. I am very insecure about my quilting abilities so I find it hard to share work I've done. I still love being able to look at everyone else's work and get inspired and tips and tricks. All thanks to my Bloglovin app :)

  16. I'm a new blogger and I love the freedom it gives me to tell about the process I go through, both good and bad. I really like reading blogs and seeing what others are doing. It's very helpful to me as a new quilter.

    I have a personal Pinterest but haven't integrated it with my blogging yet. But I'm excited to do so because I think it's a great way for people to see my work.

    I use Bloglovin, but I must say I'm not loving it. It is helpful to have the new blog posts all in one place, but it seems that I don't get them until hours after they've been posted. Ive only just learned of Feedly, so I'll have to check that out

    I'm new to Instagram, so I'm not quite sure how that works. And forget Twitter! I have an account but have the hardest time with hash tags, etc! LOL

    I haven't started Flickr, don't know if I will. All of this seems like a lot to keep up with, so I'll add me thing at a time. But, by the time I catch up with everyone, they'll be other new things to learn!

  17. Nice fabrics, but I've thought so for some time!

    to answer your questions:
    1. a) personal life: facebook for family and close friends - not very active, b) blog - Blogger for my blog and following others and facebook only to follow people without Blogger accounts.
    2. Not really: I have an account but I rarely look at it, and I don't know how to link it to my blog
    3. n/a
    4. I really only use Blogger. Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are definitely peripheral (no-one in my family or at work has ever heard of Pinterest. Perhaps it's more popular in the US than in Europe.)
    5. I don't understand the question: I looked at Bloglovin once and didn't understand what I was expected to do, and found they asked too many questions; I've never heard of Feedly. I read blogs on Blogger; is that a reader?

    I don't like there being so many social media channels, this is becoming like subscribing to all the newspapers. I want to spend time sewing, not checking to see if anything interesting has just been posted somewhere. I'm happy to stick with Blogger, and am now going to copy your homepage URL into my blog list there.

  18. I am a 52 yo paralegal in Dallas. I receive your blog through email and a lot of quilting blogs on bloglovin'. I have a pinterest account but I don't have time. I scroll through instagram about once a day. I never post but I do "like" and look at the pictures. I have yet to comment. I read blogs during my lunch hour at work. They give me ideas and entertainment. I appreciate all of the time and effort that go into writing a blog post. Pretty fabric!

  19. I've decided today that I am going to instagram my life and business today. It's going to be fun :-)

  20. I am so over-extended at this point in my life (aren't we all), that I really depend on Instagram for everything right now. I really love Instagram, but I want more time to read blogs and post in my blog. I love reading about the process and the story. For me, family comes first, then work, then personal quilting and then blogs, and sadly I usually never make it past the work commitments. I was trying to find a good reader on my iPad, so I could read blogs on there, but I couldn't find one that would allow me to comment easily. Maybe there is better one now?
    I have a FB page, but I haven't done much with it lately and I am thinking of getting rid of it. It is just one more thing to dilute my focus and you have to jump through SO many hoops just to get people to continue seeing your page in their newsfeed.
    Pinterest, I mostly use for recipes and personal items. I do try to pin my blog posts when I remember.
    I respect people who have the organizational skills and drive to maintain their blog on all those numerous social platforms, but I'd rather do less online and have time to sew!

  21. I'll try and keep it brief. (Ha!) I love blogs and blogging. BUT it was taking over my life. Especially commenting and replying to comments. Waaay too much time. So I made a conscious decision. I still look at my blog roll but not as religiously and I leave far fewer comments. I also get less comments in my blog and, really, this has brought a better balance. I think one of the reasons is IG, which I love. I can keep up with my online friends much more easily, and quick comments are easier to leave. Then if I am too busy to read blogs for a week I don't feel guilty or like I've missed something. What I have (so far) refused to do is join twitter, bothering fb, etc. I've learned to obsess less and not think I'm missing out if I'm not part of everything. Finally, flickr just really pisses me off now with all the changes made.

  22. Here's how I use social media:
    Pinterest - I esentially use this as a bookmarking tool. I have one account that links both my personal pins and blog related pins but I keep everything well ordered so those who want to follow quilting related pins can easily do so. I pin quilts I like, tutorials I want to return to, blocks I'm interested in trying and of course my own creations becasue they are there for my own reference (they make for great quick links back to posts) and to share with others.
    Flickr: I use this for blogging and mainly to share with groups. These are primarily swap groups or groups of quilters or sewers who have similar interest to my own. If I've blogged about the image in question then I link back to the relevant blog post. I make sure I include key words in the descriptions of my pictures that will help others with similar interests to find them. For example if I am working on an EPP project I will make sure it is labeled as both English Paper Piecing and EPP to make it easy to find in searches for either.
    Instagram: I've only started using this recently and purely for blogging but it has become my tool to link work in progress (wip) images. Where possible I # my images appropriately so that they will appear in relevant searches. IG has essentially become a quick and easy replacement for writing wip posts. I can engage followers quickly and easily redirect them to a blog post as and when I want.
    Facebook: I have seperate pages for my personal account and my blogging one. I use the personal one to link with firends and family and follow various interest, I use the bloggin one mostly to promote blog posts and post links to related content.
    When it comes to following blogs I use Bloglovin. I love that I can just open it and scroll quickly through the posts I've not read, reading all when I have time and the backlog is not great, selecting those that engage me most when time is short and the backlog great. When I only have time for selective reading I have to admit it is often the image that causes me to select a particular post so it really is important to have a good first photo for each post.

  23. Kind of like you...trying to learn all this new social media stuff! I am still in the 20th century and dont like nor think half this stuff is necessary! I blog for my quiting/sewing/crafts and that is it. I just started a year ago. I joined Pinterest...don't remember why, but i just started my own board to collect ideas...I think it is linked to my blog but I also don't see how that helps my blog!I prefer to follow blogs via email.. I can read them now and not filter through all the other stuff that is facebook and bloglovin. But what annoys me the most, I reent weeks, I noticed that many blogs don't offer the email option to follow anymore, and when they have giveaways, the email option is not a choice for entry either! I don't bother with all those others..good grief, if I join everything to advertise my blog.. I wouldn't have time to write my blog!

  24. I am a newish quilter part of your New Quilters Blog (and I now follow you on IG, I am MeadowMistDesigns). For the most part I use my blog and instagram the most. I use flickr a little and my pinterest is more my collection of all things I like (though most of it is quilting).

    I use bloglovin to read blogs and I have too many blogs subscribed to because if I leave it more than a day or two I'll have over 300 posts. I really need to trim this down so that I can visit my favorite blogs without feeling stressed or guilty about not keeping up the other blogs.

  25. I don't blog myself, but I follow hundreds of blogs and enjoy each and every one so much. Pinterest & Facebook are great, but the blogs are just so much more personal and enjoyable to me. More relaxed. Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram are for fast-paced looking and flicking around. I like the stories and the comments and the interaction of the blog posts. It's like "making friends". I hope blogs don't fall by the wayside. That would be SO SAD. It's like the difference between reading a book and watching TV. Books are more satisfying. :) :)

  26. 1. Facebook is personal stuff - not craft related - such as keeping in touch with distant family and friends.
    2. Pinterest is just for pinning the wonderful ideas I see on other people's blogs for future reference so I can find them later. When I pin something, I really, really like it.
    3. I blog!
    4. I am not superwoman and cannot do everything. There is no Instagram or Twitter for me. I can manage posting a few Flickr photos on top of my blog. No more!
    5. Bloglovin makes it easy to keep track of the blogs I read. I use the 'like' button as a temporary hold when I don't have time to pin something I like to Pinterest.

  27. I'm not too much in social media. I got FB account because my friend shared pictures there. I don't even have a real name there. I don't like to share much of an personal stuff. I started flickr account as I wanted to be part of SAL. I add pictures there but I'm not using it daily. Just once in a while. I enjoy blogging and reading blogs. I don't have a smart phone so no Instagram. Once my dumb phone brakes I might get smarter one and upgrade myself. I have a pinterest account but I only follow few people. Those that like similar things. I don't see a point of pinning the same thing so I kind of spy on them, lol. I feel like weird individual compare to others :-)

  28. So many I make choices
    1. No fb and have a pinterest account but don't really use it
    2. I blog and use it for a creative outlet and for documenting my work. Occasionally I post about something none sewing, but I am pretty careful about the personal info that I post.
    3.. Still use flickr as it seems the easiest spot for swaps, guild sharing and charity groups
    4. Just started with instagram as it was used for a retreat, but I still wander back to flickr and blogs to see what my peeps are doing

  29. 1. How do you use social media - both in your personal life and in your blog life? I use facebook for personal things, and to follow things that interest me. I tweet rarely and look at it even rarer. Love instagram because it feeds that visual part of me. I blog to keep track of what I do, and to show family, friends and anyone else interested. I use flickr some, used to use it a lot, but less these days.

    2. How do you use pinterest as part of your blog life - do you use it to promote your blog posts? I don't. I started pinning my projects at one point but never really got much going with it. I love pinterest, just don't really know how to make it a part of my blog.

    3. For those of you who don't have blogs, what is your take on social media? N/A

    4. Do you tend to focus on just one or two outlets or do you use everything available? What do you think are the pros or cons? I've used just about everything out there at some point, but really I find that I only go back to the things I really like.

    5. Do you follow blogs using a reader (like bloglovin' or feedly), by email, or do you check social media to see when someone publishes a new post? I use bloglovin', but have some people that I follow that I always see their posts on FB and end up reading from there. But 90% of my reading is done through my reader.

  30. I really like blogs so I can better see the whole process of the quilts. I like that. And I like seeing what others are making. I also use Facebook to see the finishes... but not the process. And I follow by Bloglovin. I feel a lot overwhelmed with all of the options out there, and can waste more time on social media - so I limit it to a timer lol. like a kid ;-)

  31. I like to read about the process and get to know people through blogs (read on BL). Instagram is just a snapshot it's like waving to someone as they drive by, you like their photo/comment and move on. Blogs allow you to stop and read their story and become apart of their experience. I recently read blogging is dead, and I disagree. Some people may find themselves above blogging now they are quilt celebrities but for me it's been nice to teach myself skills and become friends with many new people. I love blogging and it appears there is a group of us that still does. The only social media I do use is Instagram, I do have a FB page for my blog but I can't say the last time I posted something. Also my BL page posts automatically to my personal FB page. To be honest that's mostly for my Grandmother so she knows when I post something ... lol. As for pinstrest I use that for EVERYTHING. I do pin my things to a sewing board but it's not my main motivator for all my pins.

  32. Well, I have a blog, but it's a tumblr and I hardly ever post anything, especially now that my camera is on the fritz (it's 7 years old).

    My take on social media is that it can be overkill. Yes, I like all the cats. But I will sometimes not follow people on FB because they post all the time and I think it's just clutter. (I don't check FB every day). In my opinion, lots of posts on Pinterest can be nice. If someone has boards with thousands of pins, I might not follow them, but I often won't follow people who just have five pins. I don't do Twitter. I don't do Instagram. I think I have a Flickr account, but I can't remember the last time I used it. I do have a tumblr account and I follow lots of blogs there, but again, some people post a ton of stuff and I just don't check it nearly every day.

    Oh, and I'm 30-ish. :)

  33. I think this is a topic that is occupying a lot of us at the moment, well me at least! I blog but not as much as I used to, mostly because my wee boy has dropped his afternoon naps. I like to see record my design process (such as it is!) and how I felt about it. My core reason for blogging has remained constant but peripheral reasons come and go. I don't feel the need to develop a following and do what everyone else is doing any more but miss the validation/feedback when I don't post something for a while.

    I follow blogs, which I always find inspirational. Possibly because of the nap thing, I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with my blog reading and specifically commenting. This makes me feel bad, which I don't like. I hate bloglovin' and so need to sort out a different blog reader thingy, which may make things a little easier.

    I love IG - the instant feedback and ability to "heart" without the pressure (word word?) of commenting. The ability to comment without word limits. I used to love Flickr but hate it since they changed it and ripped the community heart out of it. I go on les and less these days.

    I'm on pinterest but don't really use it that much

    I need more time or more accurately I probably need to curate things better.

  34. I love pinterest, but I do not use it to socialize too much. Just looking at fun projects that I want to do and I sometimes pin my stuff to show.
    Instagram, I love using but I cannot seem to remember! I will look at it on my phone about once a week. I love seeing the quilts and families I know.
    Blogging is fantastic! For quilting that is my favorite. You get to know someone and their methods. What makes them choose the fabrics they choose, the colors, even the design. What was their process. By far my favorite! I absolutely LOVE Feedly. That has been so easy to use and easy to organize. I have two little ones and honestly all the social media is getting too hard to follow. One that was not mentioned was twitter. I feel like that is the second best for me because you can combine pictures with a small amount of text when time is just not on your side!

  35. The timing of this post is excellent, it is something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I love social media - Instagram especially. The quilting community that I have found there is lovely. I enjoy seeing what people are working on and I'll often click through to a blog post to learn more about the quilt or WIP. Like you, I am a fan of the back story. I use IG to promote my blog posts.

    I read a few blogs frequently and others occasionally.

  36. Hmmm, I'm always saying I hate social media but I guess that isn't completely true. I don't do FB, IG, or Twitter.

    I have a Flickr account but never actually considered it to be social media. I use it to share photos with a few friends and sometimes to link a quilt photo to someone's blog. Never really figured out how to use it interactively and I think some of the recent changes have made it more unfriendly than ever. Seems like just about when I figure out how to use it they change it. :(

    I follow blogs through Bloglovin but maybe need to check out Feedly as it seems to get good marks.

    I do not have a blog but would love to as I think it would be a great way to chart my course while quilting. Hoping to do that a little later this year.

    Pinterest - I seem to have an account but no real idea how to use it. I get emails from it all the time. lol

    It is very interesting to read the other responses to your questions.

  37. I use a lot of social networking in my personal life, to keep in touch with my friends and family, but when it comes to quilting I only use my blog, and I post my photos in photobucket because I ran out of space in wordpress. I've considered other social networking but I don't feel like I have the time to devote to it.

    I don't have a Pinterest account but I find when I want to see samples of how people used patterns or find a tutorial, Pinterest is a great resource.

  38. More than I think now that I've stopped to think about it! Blogging is probably my favorite as I feel you really get to know the blogger. I adore Pinterest and much prefer that format to track ideas, tips, tutorials and other "someday/maybe" stuff instead of bookmarking or printing things out. I use Flickr because of some of the groups I belong to. Instagram is new to me - I enjoy it in a limited way I guess. My family is into FB so that is how I keep up! I also have a non family FB account that I use for quilting and other personal interests so I don't lose my family/friends in my feed. I guess I love all the ways we can connect, learn and keep track of things digitally.

  39. it is an interesting question because I am changing my way of using social media - mainly because of IG. IG is clearly for me, you use pictures to convey a message or capture an activity. I use it a lot, to show progress, bits of my life and capture moments with baby MiH, because I tend to take many many pictures of him. I am totally changing the way I am using twitter - I am currently researching about fair trade and ethical fashion, and my impact on the world and this is what my twitter account is going to be used for. I don't currently follow a lot of people - but that means I have time to read about interesting articles and really start to get a feel of what it means for me. I use Pinterest to promote my posts - I have a board MiH makes, but also to find inspiration for other projects. If I need new inspiration, this is where I will go first. I have a personal FB account (private) and the MiH ones, but I am not too sure how to use this effectively yet...

  40. I'm a bit late with my opinion, because I'm three weeks behind in reading blogs! But I still LOVE blogs. I love the pictures, the musings of the author, their writing style etc. I feel like I really get to know them. I don't write my own. I just can't fit it in to an already over full daily life. I've had Facebook for about four years, a personal account. In the last month I've deleted the app from my mobile devices and now have to do it on the laptop. It was annoying me, and a drain on my time. I joined up with Instagram at the start of the year and I'm loving it! I loved seeing friends pictures most of all on Facebook, so just getting pictures and no ads or suggested likes is so refreshing. I agree with you, I love the interaction on Instagram too. I feel I have 'friends' all over the world now who love things as much as I do. I live in a tiny country town in Australia, so there's not many women my age (mid 30s) and stage (workforce and kids ) who love fabrics and quilting. I've never joined flickr or Pinterest. They just seemed like an extra thing to keep up with, and I know Pinterest would suck me in to browsing even more. I do see the value of Pinterest if you're working on a large project like planning your wedding or renovating your home, a place to save online images and inspiration you find.


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