Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Patchwork Frames Quilt Pattern

Just wanted to let you know I have a tutorial for this patchwork frames block and mini quilt on the Birch Organic Fabric blog today using their new Eiko fabrics.  The tutorial includes measurements for three different sizes of fussy cut centers so you can adapt it to your favorite prints.

Once you have your basic block made, you can either finish it as a mini quilt as shown in the original tutorial which would also be a nice size for a pillow cover.  Another idea for using one block would be to add multiple borders and make it a baby size quilt.  You can find the measurements I used by clicking here.

Baby Size One Block Quilt 30.5" square

Or you can combine multiple blocks to make it a throw size or larger.

12 Blocks (evenly placed)  finishes at 54.5" x 71"

12 Blocks (uneven placement) finishes at 54.5" x 71"

Yardage Requirements

12 fussy cuts (choose from the following sizes:  2.5" x 4", 3.5 x 3.5", and/or 3.5" x 4.5")
2.5 yards of background fabric
.5 yard of dark fabric for inside border of blocks (sub cut into (24) 1" x 8.5" strips and (24) 1" x 9.5" strips

For patchwork rows, your fabric requirements will vary depending on how many different fabrics you would like to use for variety.  Each block takes 28 2" squares so you'll need 336 2" squares.  I have written out instructions below for strip piecing the patchwork rows.  If you choose to use this method, you'll need 24 strips measuring 2" x 12.5" and 32 strips measuring 2" x 16.5"

Strip Piecing the Patchwork Rows

From a variety of fabrics, cut 24 strips measuring 2" x 12.5".   Divide into 4 piles of 6 strips each and sew those strips into rows varying the fabrics throughout.  Make sure that the top and bottom fabric from each set is different.

Press seams and cut into vertical strips 2" wide as shown.  Each set will give you 6 strips.
Repeat the process except use cut 24 strips of fabric measuring 2" x 16.5" and divide into 3 piles of 8 strips each - again being sure to vary the fabrics and make sure that the  the top and bottom fabric do not match each other or the top and bottom fabrics on any of the smaller strips.

12 Block Throw Quilt (evenly placed blocks) (finished size:  54.5" x 71")

Arrange your blocks into 4 rows of 3 blocks each until you are happy with the layout.

From your background fabric, cut the following:

8 pieces measuring 5" x 12.5" (sashing)
3 pieces measuring 5" x 45.5" (sashing)
2 pieces measuring 5" x 62" (border)
2 pieces measuring 5" x 54.5" (border)

Sew the small pieces of sashing to the blocks to form rows as shown.

Sew the large pieces of sashing to the rows as shown.

Sew the 5" x 62" border pieces to either side.

And complete the quilt top by sewing the 5" x 54.5" to the top and bottom.

12 Block Throw Quilt (randomly placed blocks) (finished size approximately 54.5" x 71")

Arrange your blocks in 4 rows of 3.   Vary the position of the blocks within each row but for the purposes of this tutorial, you'll need to make sure that none of the blocks overlap with blocks from other rows.  The blocks could be positioned at the very bottom or the very top of a row but this tutorial will demonstrate piecing in rows, not by blocks.

When you are happy with the layout, begin adding sashing to the top and bottom of each block.  Each block in the top row should measure 21.5" in height.  The blocks in the remaining rows should measure 16.5" in height.  Also, for each of the remaining rows, you might have one block that does not need a top sashing piece.

Next you'll start filling in the rows by adding sashing between the blocks.  Each row should measure 54.5".  Then just sew the rows together and you'll have your completed quilt top.

If you want to vary the block size, substitute the following measurements:

10.5" Basic Block

Substitute the following measurements in the 12.5" version:

For a block with a 2" x 3.5" fussy cut:  (a) 2" x 2", (b) 2"x 3", (c) 2.5" x 7.5", and (d) 4" x 7.5"

For a block with a 3" x 3" fussy cut:  (a) 2" x 3", (b) 3" x 3.5", (c) 2" x 7.5", and (d) 3.5" x 7.5"

For the side strips, use (2) .75" x 7.5" and for the top and bottom strips, use .75" x 8"

And use 1.75" squares for the patchwork rows.


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