Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Hop News 21 and Link Up

Plum and June
Bloggers to visit this week:

Oct 9
         Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy
         Foster from Foster Reviews It
Oct 11
        Chrissie from madebyChrissieD
        Marit from Sew, love, live

**I just want to again thank everyone who continues to promote and follow along with the blog hop even now at week 21!!!  Please note - there have been a few schedule changes for the next few weeks - the most up to date schedule is here.
***Are you wondering why there is not a giveaway in this post?  Come back tomorrow - the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring giveaways on all of the Sweet Treats Blog Hop posts - my turn is tomorrow (well, actually I'll be posting tonight since so many of the hoppers are on Australian time!)

Plum and June

Thanks for all the suggestions for what I should suggest you write when the link tool asks for your name - for this week, let's go with a place you want to visit.


  1. When I first signed up, Nov 6 seemed an awfully long way away - now it seems very very close! I had better get my ideas ready!

  2. Oh yes trust me to get a typo in the single word I'm supposed to type in the link up ...

  3. I am all ready for my turn on the 16th - tutorial written, blog post scheduled; feeling pretty happy.


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