Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Hop News 11

Plum and June

Up this week:

July 31
    Audrey from Hot Pink Quilts
    M-R from Quilt Matters

Aug 2
    Jennifer from GH Quilting
    Danny from MommyFor Reals

Plum and June

The complicated rules:
1.  Anyone who is participating or following along with the hop can add a link that is quilting or sewing-related.
2. Link up any post you want - old or new from your blog.  When the link tool asks for your name, type in the name of one of the sports you are looking forward to watching (or participating in) this week.  
3. If you have any current blog events, link them here as well - just put the name of the event when the link tool asks for your name.
4.  Please consider linking to this page from your blog (either in a post or from your sidebar) so others can join in as well.
5.  Please visit (at least) the person who links up before you and leave a comment to say hello!


  1. Great theme this week! I love the Olympics!

  2. So, you are looking forward to the gymnastics. Didn't Team GB do well yesterday - go the Men! Yay!

  3. Well I am #11 and I forgot as the phone was ringing to list my activity I am most interested instead of my name!!! Don't double task well at times!! I like the swimming the best. Enjoying hopping by all your blogs instead of watching it but can hear it all as my hubby is watching it all.


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