Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop

One of my favorite, and unexpected, things to come from starting this blog was meeting so many other new craft bloggers.  Through link parties, quilt alongs, flickr, etc., the number of blogs I follow has quadrupled!  I love visiting all these new blogs (as well as the blogs I have been following for years) - finding inspiration, gathering tips and tricks, learning new techniques, and following fun tutorials.  When I used to find new blogs, I would go through their archives and really keep up on all their posts.  However, because of the number of new blogs I am finding, I can't do that anymore.  So, I was thinking - what if we have a Blog Hop.  That way, we can really get to know our new blog friends and their blogs.  What do you think?

Here are my thoughts:

1.  Participants must have started blogging in 2011 or 2012 and the focus of the participant's blog must be quilting.

2.  We'll hop to 2 blogs a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays.)  

3.  Edited May 9th:  3.  The theme of the Hop is novelty prints (blogger's choice - typewriters, monsters, bicycles, clocks, animals - or even just flowers.)  You can make anything related to quilting - a quilt of any size, bags, coasters, etc.  You don't need to include a full tutorial but you should include pics and a few words about your process.  Your project does not need to be used just for the hop - link it wherever you want, use it for a swap or a QAL - whatever you want.

4.   Optional:  Make a collage of your favorite projects/posts to include in your post on your day in the hop.

5.  Optional:   Answer some questions about yourself and your blog (if you don't want to answer the questions, just leave them out of your post or write different ones.)  
       - How long have you been quilting
       - Favorite quilting tip(s)
       - Favorite blogging tip(s)
       - Favorite fabric

6.  I'll write up a master list with the schedule for everyone to cut and paste to their blogs on their hop day (or before) - this could include your name, the name of your blog, and a sentence or two about your blog or project.  I'll also create a homepage for the Blog Hop which will include this information as well as a photo of your favorite project.
Anyone interested?  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.  Send me an email (plumandjune(at)gmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below.   Be sure to let me know if you have a preference for what date in May or June you want the hop on your blog.

And please share this post with your new blog friends - link, tweet, pin - whatever you usually do to pass the word along.
I hope you, my new blogger friends, will be excited about this - I think it will be a great opportunity to find new blogs and help new bloggers find you.
Once I hear from you, I'll create a button and write up a schedule.  Oh, and create a flickr group.
Looking forward to seeing the response to this post!

*May 7th - editing to say that since almost everyone who has responded prefers June that I'll change the dates to Summer 2012.  Oh, and I'm very happy that so many of you are interested in partipating - I'm very excited!


  1. Sounds like fun, count me in! May is a bit hectic with weddings and trips though, so would prefer to be put down for early June, if that's ok.

  2. This is a great idea - I would love to participate!! I shall email you later :)

  3. I only started my quiltling blog this year so I don't qualify for the hop itself, but I love this idea and can't wait for this to start, so I can hop around some other peoples' blogs. Great idea!

    1. It is for blogs started in 2011 or 2012 so you can definitely join in if you want. Let me know.

  4. Count me in - but rather June than May ....
    how about a few non-quiling questions .. about the spoon collection and the colour of the frying pan - I don't know just things you don't usually get to know by talking about quilting/sewing

  5. I'd be interested if you have some June spots left!

  6. Can't wait to meet everyone! Any week is fine with me.

  7. Sounds great! I am new to the blog hop but would love to participate. It would have to be in June for me (mid to late), because May is very hectic with commitments.

  8. Count me in, great idea! Anytime should be fine for me!

  9. This sounds like fun! Like some of the others May is hectic for me with lots of things on but June is free!

  10. Sounds like a great idea! I'd love to participate in late June. I'm swamped in May and early June.

  11. Sounds awesome! Like others have mentioned, May might be a bit tricky for me, but after that would be great.

  12. This sounds great! I'd love to join in :)

  13. I would love to take part, if i'm not too late?x

  14. Count me in!! June would be better than May but I can make it work if needed to

  15. I love this! I'll send you an email :-)

  16. Hello, would love to be counted in. Can you explain the theme - do you mean that once you come up with one, we all make something on that theme in time for the hop?

  17. I'd love to join in too if it's not too late!! I'm planning a quilt with some novelty charms so that would be perfect! :)


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